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VigRX Plus Canada Review [2022]


It’s safe to say that, among male enhancement pills, VigRX Plus has been around the longest and is best known as the most effective. It uses a very deceptive and erroneous clinical study as evidence and has average ingredients (in equally average doses). In addition to the fact that the manufacturer of VigRX Plus has already been implicated in selling adulterated products at exorbitant prices, there are many superior alternatives available.

In the marketplace since 2006, VigRX Plus is a male virility aid. Is it, therefore, something to seriously think about?

The question is, how excellent is it?

VigRX Plus, which claims to have sold over 1.2 million boxes since it was first introduced, is widely considered to be one of the most famous penis enhancement pills on the market.

VigRX Plus’s longevity is proof of the product’s efficacy; if it doesn’t deliver the promised benefits, the company behind it won’t be around for long.

If a product can stay on the market for almost 13 years, it must be effective.

The manufacturers of VigRX Plus say that it will:

  • Improve the size, strength, and duration of your erections
  • Increase your erection control and the intensity of your orgasms Heighten your sexual drive and passion

For more than a decade, the penis enhancement pill VigRX Plus has been helping men all over the world improve their performance in the bedroom. It has also gained the support of a well-known physician and author (Dr. Steven Lamm), and in recent years, Lamm has taken the initiative to put VigRX Plus through its paces by conducting a clinical study, which serves to further attest to the effectiveness of this supplement.

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The product’s advertising makes it seem like it could be the best male enhancement pill on the market. However, there is a secret truth about the clinical study that the manufacturers of VigRX Plus don’t want you to know.

The clinical study and the doctor’s endorsement boost consumer confidence in the product beyond what is suggested by the ingredients alone.

My main concern is whether or not the product’s somewhat high cost is justified by its effectiveness.

Is there a less expensive alternative that still meets your needs?

For those who are familiar with Leading Edge Health’s other popular products like Semenax, ProSolution Plus, and Erectin, you’ll know that VigRX Plus is their latest and greatest (to name a few).

VigRX Plus, like all products from Leading Edge Health, has excellent customer service, Live Chat on the website (though only available during certain hours), and a newly redesigned, more streamlined, informative website that went live in the beginning of 2019.

Their biggest seller, VigRX Plus, is backed by a manufacturer that consistently goes above and beyond to earn customer loyalty by providing safe, effective, and discreet male enhancement pills.

As with any product in this industry, VigRX Plus is shipped in unmarked packaging and the only mention of the company or product on your bank statement will be that of the parent company, Leading Edge Health, or the sister company, Lem Internet.

When it comes to the packaging itself, you’ll notice that the white box that contains your VigRX Plus pills features a bold red logo. The product is advertised as the “World’s Leading Male Enhancement Product” with a logo and the claim that it increases male virility on the front of the packaging (although on the back of the box it does clarify that this statement has not been evaluated by the FDA).

Sticky ingredients on the front of the box and inside the product ensure that you are receiving a genuine, authentic version of VigRX Plus, and the product itself makes clear reference to the inclusion of Bioperine (an ingredient that enhances absorption).

Visit the VigRX Plus verification page to make sure your supply is genuine.

The back of the package has some marketing copy touting the product’s “special blend of ingredients” and its “effectiveness,” as well as a list of those ingredients and the recommended daily dosage (2 tablets).

After removing the four blister packs from the product package, you will find 15 tablets in total.

If you decide to get rid of the packaging but don’t want to lose track of the pills, the VigRX Plus brand is prominently displayed on the blister packs itself.

Take note that if you do this, you will no longer qualify for the money-back guarantee because we require the return of all boxes before issuing a refund (opened or otherwise).

The red-colored pills of VigRX Plus, which are about 2 centimeters in length, are quite large (or 0.7 inches).

The recommended dosage of two tablets is straightforward to take with a sip of water.

The fact that the VigRX Plus emblem is subtly imprinted on each pill is a wonderful touch that speaks to the care and precision with which it was made.
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The makers of VigRX Plus were kind enough to provide me their actual product for review.

Don’t trust online reviews unless they have the author’s own images; many phony evaluations of VigRX Plus are based on generic product information written by people who have never seen or tried the product.

vigrx plus boxes

The formula for VigRX Plus has been fine-tuned and refined since its initial release in 2006 to provide the greatest potential outcomes.

Due to increased demand, the formula now includes Tribulus, Damiana, and Bioperine to boost male sexual performance.

They have evidently reached a point where VigRX Plus is as effective as it can be, and therefore no additional tinkering or alteration of the overall blend is needed, therefore the existing combination of ingredients within VigRX Plus hasn’t altered in quite some years.

Having a clinical research based on the ingredients in VigRX Plus seems to have all but eliminated the possibility of any future alterations or adjustments to the composition (as this would likely mean redoing the clinical study).

I also think it’s important to point out that VigRX Plus has a couple of extra ingredients that serve to build and mix the ingredients of the overall pill in addition to the set of 10 basic ingredients (plus an absorption booster in the form of Bioperine).

The FD&C Red #40 dye is included in the list of ingredients.

The brilliant red color of VigRX Plus is achieved with the use of a food dye, and it should be noted that some persons are allergic to or otherwise sensitive to food dyes.

Obviously, if you have ever had an adverse response to food dyes, you should either avoid taking VigRX Plus or make absolutely sure that you are safe to do so before doing so.

Everyone is different so if you have any health concerns or you’re on prescription medications, be aware that VigRX Plus side effects can occur and you should always discontinue use and/or check with a medical professional if you start suffering from any adverse side effects.

To enhance male sexual performance, there is a proprietary polyherbal formula called VigRX Plus. Its use is associated with dilating the arteries supplying the penile erectile tissues, which increases blood flow to those tissues and is thought to contribute to stronger, longer erections.

VigRX, the original product from the same company, was a proprietary blend of Panax ginseng, Serenoa repens, Gingko biloba, Crataegus laevigata, Ptychopetalum olacoides, Erythroxylum catuaba, Cuscuta chinensis, and Epimedium sagittatum extract.

Rho-kinase is a newly-recognized target for the treatment of erectile dysfunction because of its role in keeping the penis in a flaccid condition.

While VigRX did inhibit Rho kinase, it needed a rather substantial dose to have an effect. As a result, the formulation was expanded to include Tribulus terrestris, Turnera diffusa, and Bioperine® (piperine).

The new formula, which was developed, is known as VigRX Plus.

Supplementation with VigRX Plus enhanced both the rate and volume of ejaculation and the treatment of testosterone in the blood of male rats. A multi-center, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial was conducted to assess the safety and efficacy of VigRX Plus in humans. A total of 78 men, aged 25-50, with mild to moderate ED, took part in this study.

More than half of the patients in this study rated VigRX Plus as very good or excellent, while about a quarter of the patients in the placebo group gave the drug the same rating. These patients’ responses were based on the international index of erectile function (IIEF), which measures factors like orgasmic function, sexual desire, intercourse satisfaction, and overall satisfaction.

The participants in this trial had no adverse reactions to VigRX Plus. Among the favorable benefits, 62% of patients reported an increase in their ability to maintain an erection, and 47% reported an increase in their sexual desire.

A literature review was conducted on the individual herbal ingredients found in VigRX Plus and their possible involvement in natural erectile enhancement in males.

Interestingly, the VigRX Plus package recommends two tablets daily, yet in the aforementioned clinical trial, patients were given two tablets twice a day, thereby doubling the daily dose of each ingredient that will be discussed further below.